Why is our Protein Bar Pink?

Our customers ask this question a lot and so far, there has been wild speculation around why our RAWBITE protein bar is packaged in pink.

Here are some examples:  

”What kind of marketing director would agree to a pink packaging for a protein bar? Did no-one there realize that men are the ones most interested in fitness?“

”Is this RAWBITE energy bar just for women?“

“Is there some kind of feminist ideal behind this decision? Like men aren’t the only ones who are strong and go to the gym?“

And last but not least: ”Don’t you lose a lot of male customers who might buy your product if it wasn’t in a pink package?“

The answer: No, we didn’t drop the ball. In fact, we selected a pink package for very good reasons.


If you look on supermarket shelves or in the gym shop, you‘ll notice that most protein bars are packaged in dark colours in an attempt to appeal mainly to the male consumer. Despite the fact that Arnie’s bodybuilder days are long gone – today is more about a balanced, healthy diet for anyone.

Most health bars are covered in a chocolate or caramel glaze, contain refined sugar and a bunch of E-numbers which indicate chemical additives. RAWBITE bars are different! They are organic, vegan, gluten-free and with no added sugar (the product contains naturally occurring sugars). Just simple ingredients such as dried fruits and nuts. Simply delicious. Putting us ahead of the pack already, our unique bar must be clearly visible at first glance. That’s why we chose a bright coloured package design that draws attention to itself on the shelf. We chose pink to indicate that our product is unconventional, unique and unpretentious.

RAWBITE is more than just another fruits & nuts bar. It represents a certain lifestyle: confident, unconventional and straightforward. As a man, if you’re cool enough to bring a pink protein bar into the gym, you’ve got what it takes to become a RAWBITE customer.

Thanks for your loyalty… and for your courage.

Enjoy every Bite.